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Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy 18 years!!

Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2008

I can not believe we are celebrating 18 years of marriage today! I have been having a lot of fun the last couple days putting a scrapbook together of our wedding, and it has been fun to relive the memories of that special time in our life.
We were both 26, and could not wait to be married, so headed to Vegas with a few friends, and spent a dizzying week of activity out there, but had a lot of fun and surprised everyone by moving our date up from Valentine's Day to the 13th!! The people at the wedding chapel told us if we kept our scheduled time on the 14th, we would not have a limousine, we would be in a long line, and we would have no time for pictures afterward. I think the limo was the biggie for both of us-it had been so much fun to be picked up at the hotel for our friends' wedding on the 12th, and we enjoyed the bottle of champagne, and of course the free escort around town all night, so without telling anyone back home, we were married on the 13th.

I know we both thought we would never get this far-life was certainly not easy for either of us after marriage-we were both rather selfish, filled with our own ideas, and not focused at all on the other person.

Oh, how I praise the Lord for His redeeming love, and how He can take our mistakes and turn them around to good. My dear hubby told me the other night, "I think the next 18 are going to be even better than the first 18" and I truly believe that too. We are striving to put God first in our relationship, and that takes the emphasis off ourselves. We want a home that is a haven for all who enter in, and we want our marriage to be an example of God's love and grace.
No easy task, I assure you, but still, it is our heart's desire to live for the Lord, and that does make a lot of daily decisions much easier when we aren't focused on "me, myself and I " all the time.

Without our recommittment to marriage around year 9, we would not be here, and certainly not without God's help and guidance.
Of Course, year 9 brought our renewed desire for a family (all of the focusing on making a family up to that point only drove a wedge between us and that was mainly my fault-oh the pain of infertility!!)

We began adoption proceedings, and in 2000, we had the very-real adoption roller-coaster of finding out one child would maybe never be coming home, and the whirl-wind of bringing our daughter home.

Life has never been better since our children both came into our life, and marriage has taken on a new dimension with parenting, a dairy operation, moving, and a walk with the Lord all mixed together.

We are on the verge of adding another child to the family, we have plans and dreams for the next couple years of adding a sibling group, and we are waiting to see what God will do with us and the farm.

So much to anticipate and look forward to, hope, plan and dream for.

Looking forward to the next 18, but waiting for God to lead in all areas of our life.




Sarah k said...

Happy Anniversary! I am sorry it took so long to say it..lol. I am home sick with a fever and everything this week... YICK! Anyways, Happy anniversary and Have a wonderfully blessed 19th year of marriage!!!!

Shana said...

Wow, 18 years! Congrats and happy anniversary!

Joe and Jane said...

You've come a long way!! Thanks for sharing your story!

Precious Wonders & Little Monkeys said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! So great! I love being married... it's the best thing ever huh?! And I agree... kids only enrich it for us too. I think we'd be more selfish if we didn't have them. Anyways...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!