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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday was a wonderful day

Isaac during his 2 1/2 hr nap

Isaiah and his Baba

Isaiah and HIS computer!!

Typical sibling rivalry-"No Isaac, that is mine!"

Preparing to leave the Jonah House in the morning

We were so blessed today. Our fears and worries yesterday dissipated with a renewed sense of purpose and love today. Chuck read something that really helped both of us see the eternal value and stop focusing on the present (selfish) concerns we had been focused on. We went to Jonah House and our boys were waiting for us. Isaac is such a little peanut, and such a doll. Isaiah is just all smiles and is very gentle and sweet. He blows kissed constantly, and is a very busy little boy-a typical 3 1/2 yr old.
The hardest part of my day, other than returning them at 4 pm, was when we put Isaac down for his nap. His way of comforting himself and getting to sleep is to roll from side to side, quite rapidly, and moaning softly while he does this. It makes me cry, knowing for months, that is how he has comforted himself and gone to sleep. I want to hold him, rock him, and love him, but he needs to accept it from us first. We have already seen great strides in his interest in and concern for us and where we are, but I think we are a long way from rocking him to sleep at night.
He hates his formula, and loves food. I am toying with the idea of trying a different brand, but maybe I should just wait until we get back to the US and buy something there.

We skyped with our 3 children at home Monday night. I think it means more to us than to them, they are so busy and preoccuppied with life there. But Thursday night will be different I am sure, when we skype with the 2 boys with us.
Tomorrow we meet Isaiah's 2 foster families, and attend his therapy sessions. Then, he comes with us forever. We will go to the JonahHouse and visit Isaac for the afternoon, and then come back to the Agora and begin to settle in to a new kind of normal!!


Debberoo said...

What a great day! :)

A Joyful Chaos said...

I'm sure you are really looking forward to getting home with your little boys. May God bless you richly as you open your heart and home to them.

Cynthia said...

So incredible! So good to see those babies in your arms!!

God is good and faithful!!!

Katie said...

They are beautiful Chris! Enjoy this special time. Katie

mlynne said...

Chris-So glad you are more at peace with your day today. Sometimes one can be so anxious prior to starting something new but it mostly disappears once you are in the thick of it. You have a giving heart, that, your family, prayer and those beautiful smiles from your new boys will, I just know, show you the way. Thinking of you, enjoy your skype session w/ your kiddos at home. Love the pic's - Thx for sharing. You are giving me strength as we get ready to sign on with another agency to continue our journey to our child. Keep well!
Michelle Lynne

Beautifully Veiled said...

Praying for you guys from "afar"!
Linda in GA

Robin said...

Oh Chris- The boys are just so beautiful. It must have been heart wrenching to see your baby rock himself to sleep. Skyping with the kids really is wonderul for the Mama. Lauren was not a fan of her formula either. I always had a bottle of apple juice hany for her. The Agora breakfast buffet has 2 types of congee that I gave Lauren every morning. She LOVED it. Tell Mr. Yea we said hello!

Diane said...

I am so glad things are going well! The boys are adorable.

Shana said...

Chris, so happy to see things are going well. Don't worry to much about the rocking. Kyan head banged on his pillow when he got home to self soothe and still does. The pediatrician says it's OK and Kyan still loves to be rocked and held. The boys are beautiful. What a great day!

Beth said...

Chris, the boys are just adorable!!! I'm glad things are going well and look forward to see more pictures of you all together. I'm sure you're beyond excited for Gotcha Day 1 tomorrow!!! Enjoy!!! Oh, and be sure to tell Mr. Yeh that the Suan's said HELLO!!! THX!

Sandra & Steve said...

Your boys are so handsome, great to see them with you. Happy to hear that you're feeling better, we all want to do everything for our children, it can seem overwhelming at times. Isaiah looks so cute with his sweet smile and Issac in your arms looks so much like my sweet girl when she was a baby, sigh.

Laura said...

Glad to see your family is almost together. Have a safe return.We will have to get together for a cook out some time.

Chris said...

what cute little boys!!!!! love kendell