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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

3 weeks home

I am so sorry this has taken soooooo long to get written. I can not believe we have had our sweet boys home for 3 weeks already. And how much has changed in such a short time.
We went from 2 hours of sleep a night to at least 5, both boys are sleeping through the night, except for thunder storms, which cause Isaiah to snuggle with us, and we love it-and Isaac's several teeth that are causing him some issues, usually all he needs is another bottle and a bit of tylenol, and he is set for a few more winks of sleep.
Isaac eats everything we eat, and wants nothing to do with baby food anymore. Chuck says when he is dreaming and fussing at night, he is having nightmares of nurses with rice congee coming after him!!
Isaiah is already trying to say Please and isaiah (sayah) and he moos and woofs and meows very well.
Isaac is loving all his freedom, and hates to be held for longer than absolutely necessary. The only time he really allows snuggling is right after sleep-he is using his saucer, and is actually standing in it already. Kendell has a few pictures of him standing next to the bathtub waiting for the water to fill, and he has been pulling himself up onto his knees, but he won't lift his little butt and actually crawl.
He sits for some time and plays, and can catch himself and right himself when he tips, if he wants to. So far, he prefers to scoot along on his tummy, but we think he is getting tired of life from that view, and is getting ready to move on to "toddler" life pretty soon.
We have a ped. cardialogist appt for Isaac next Friday. The Dr we saw 2 weeks ago for his sinus infection is from Taiwan and she looked over his heart meds and said, they are very strong, with not so nice side-effects, and she wants him seen asap-she hopes we can reduce the meds, or change them, and we are praying for healing and no need for the nasty tasting stuff anymore-he hates it!!
We decided to postpone developmental appointments for both boys for a couple months, and let Isaiah get used to a new language and new everything before they try to assess what he really is capable of. Isaac is getting so much stronger and has put on weight and is going into 12 month clothes already, so we are thrilled with his progress, and will monitor it, but are not "worried" at this time.
I am going to post this without photos at this time, and hopefully later today, during the next nap, I will get my "few" photos updated and added. I have been very slack in taking any, but I have enough to show what is going on in our crazy new life of 7 Waughtals.!!
Until later


Robin said...

It was so good to get a peak at how things are going. The boys sound so great and so do you. Busy but a good busy:) I am looking forward to pics:)

Joe and Jane said...

Glad it's going so well! Chuck's comment about congee cracks me up!

Shana said...

So glad to hear from you and hear that boys are doing well! Please keep us updated on your amazing family.