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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Monday morning-week 2

Our Sunday afternoon outing-finally an afternoon without rain!

They LOVE to GO!!

brotherly love

This is what Isaiah thought of the Sunday paper-makes a great easel!!

2 happy boys, and one holding his own bottle!

Are you thirsty???

We have had a wonderful stay in Taiwan, but we are soooo ready to come home!

Isaiah is doing very well, starting to show a bit more personality, loves his little brother, starting to get into a bit of trouble, and still sleeping very well.

Isaac has just come leaps and bounds in the last couple days.

He is kicking his legs all the time, and starting to move his legs when he scoots along the floor-almost crawling-I can't believe how much he has changed in such a short time. He is holding his bottle now, smiling all the time, and watches for momma all the time. He is literally into everything, and we are loving it.
His eyes are just glowing, and he is so attentive and observant of everything around him. Chuck keeps saying, it is not even the same kid!!
We are very blessed. Now, if the flight goes smoothly, we get through immigration in good time, and make our connecting flight back to Minneapolis in the 2 1/2 hours we have once we land, we will be thrilled!!
Probably one of the highlights of our weekend was meeting the family who adopted the 4 sisters we fell in love with on the Gladney board last April, 2009. I have to ask permission from Mom and Dad before I put a picture on, but hopefully that will be later this week. Boy, are they BUSY!!! They have a daugher adopted from China 3 years ago, so they have 5 girls under the age of 6!! But do they feel blessed!!

Time to finish packing, and get the boys down for a morning nap-Then we are off to the Handicraft Mall for a few t-shirts, and then off to the airport!!
Chuck and Chris


Robin said...

So, so happy that things are going so well. The boys are amazing. I have enjoyed watching yoru family grow. Have a safe flight back and I wil be on he edge of my seat waiting for a WHOLE family picture!

Debberoo said...

LOVE the photos, so wonderful to hear how well the boys are doing and like Robin can't wait to see that complete family photo when you get home.

How amazing that you got to meet the family who adopted the 4 girls!!!

Amy said...


I love seeing your two boys together! It's amazing what a difference a couple of days make - I'm so happy to hear that they're settling in and showing their little personalities more.

Have a safe and uneventful trip back! I can't wait for all of the kids to meet each other at last!!

Stefanie said...

What wonderful pictures of your boys! I am so happy o hear how well both boys are doing now that they are with their Mama and Baba! They are just too cute!

I am also waiting anxiously for a family picture with all your kids :-) Have a safe flight!

Shana said...

Great pics of the boys!! I am so happy to hear that they are settling in and making strides. Have a safe and uneventful trip home! I can not wait to see pics of all 7 of you together and to hear what the older 3 have to say about their brothers!

What a beautiful family you have!

mlynne said...

Thanks for sharing and praying for a safe and uneventful travel home to the rest of your family. Gosh what excitement when you all are together forever. Keep well. Your boys are ever so precious!
Michelle Lynne

Tami said...

Chris, so glad everyone is doing well. I hope you had an un-eventful trip home. Can't wait to see everyone finally together. Tami

Annie said...

I hope you had a safe trip home! The boys are so busy and cute! It is so wonderful that they can go through this experience together and have each other.

Katie said...

Oh Chris, what joy!! Alex and I sat and read through your new updates with tears! How happy we are for you all! They are simply beautiful and amazing! Boy, you have your work cut out for you! Our boys are practically the same age!

We love you so much and have enjoyed seeing your family! Can't wait to see all 7 of you together!


Alex and Katie

Mike said...

We're so happy you have your boys home, Chris! Congrats and we wish you the very best!