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Friday, June 4, 2010

Isaac's first day-more photos

We have found propping him up between pillows helps him sit up by himself-he loves to bang the cups together, and tries stacking them up-drives his big brother crazy because he thinks they are HIS!!

What a little eater-he is literally eating anything and everything
Except his medicine-he is a master at holding it in his mouth and spitting it out

Not very exciting, but what a wonderfully normal day for baby and parents!!
Chuck and Chris


Amy said...


Thank you so much for posting these beautiful photos and sharing your story! Isaac and Isaiah are amazing and I love seeing their pictures and hearing how well they are adjusting.

I couldn't be happier for you!

Sandra & Steve said...

What a sweet face and such an ACTIVE baby, our first was a like that too, watch out, lol!

Joe and Jane said...

I'm so happy that the boys are settling in so nicely!!!

Shana said...

Chris, I think it is wonderfully exciting! You know how to prop Isaac up and have found things he likes to play with. This is exciting! Love the pics! So great to see them getting used to their new family so easily:)

P.S. A Boppy was a great tool we used to help Kyan sit up those first few months home.

Lori said...

The boys are just beautiful!! So very happy for you guys! Hope that sometime soon we can meet and let all the kids play together! Congratulations!!!! Blessings!!!

Debberoo said...

Handsome guy! Love seeing him sitting up like that and I bet he loves it too, makes him suddenly look bigger!

Joyce said...

Another Beautiful moment for the Waughtal family. You are blessed.... Two beautiful little boys. So happy to see you all together... Share more once you get your marbles back in place.... Maybe a year from now... he he.... with 5 kiddos.... BTDT... Still doing it.... Congrats on your Family! Precious!

Anonymous said...

My husband and I are soon to be grandparents of little Gabriel, who will be coming home from Taiwan with his Daddy and Mommy the first week in August. What a blessing it's been for me to read through your website and "meet" your family! Your children are beautiful gifts from God. I am truly blessed and encouraged through your personal testimony and Scripture verses. It's good to meet others in God's family from around the US!
Because of Jesus, Miss Rose