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Friday, June 4, 2010

Gotcha Day #2!!

Isaac's first day with his family
He is a real curtain climber-his favorite toy is the long curtains that hang in the room!
He loves to pull on them and swing them out, and then he rears himself back and looks at it-quite proud of himself, too.
The worst part is when he flings himself over to watch his handi-work, not so nice when it's the hard tile floor in the kitchen, but a few bumps haven't hurt him yet!!

Grace, the govt social worker for isaiah, was onhand to see us off on Thursday, She is on the right.
Penny, Cathwel's social worker, is on the left, and one of the nurses who loved him very much came down to see us off. She made sure we got a cross necklace for him, as he was baptized in the Catholic church when he was only a few months old, and very sick. She truly cared for him.

The nurses gather to say good-bye!!

We had such a great night with Isaiah, and we just can't be more thankful for how well he is adjusting to everything in his little world. Breakfast was as easy and simple for him as, "Anything you bring me, I will eat it."
We were waiting for Mr Yeh to get us so we could get Isaac, and he just plays quietly, or sits on our lap and looks around. He is very curious, very gentle, and in his own way, very smart.
Our arrival at Cathwel was a bit ordinary-rainy, again, humid, again, and we were hardly there 10 minutes before we had our baby Isaac and were headed back home.
He is a very good traveler. He likes his car seat, he loves a stroller, he tolerates the baby carrier, he loves to eat, and is doing much better with formula now that I am mixing it a bit stronger. He has several meds he needs each day, some for the heart condition, some for the congestion and cough. I will need a notebook just to keep track of all the times and mixtures for both boys, especially on the plane and once back in the US.
We are feeling very blessed tonight, although we are missing the older 3. It seems skyping is definitely beneficial for mom and dad, but the other 3 seem like they are having such a good time, they don't have time to miss us!!

Thankful for another great day
Chuck and Chris


Sandra & Steve said...

Another wonderful day! Your baby boy is adorable and its heartwarming to hear how well he was loved and cared for before you came for him. Nice to hear how well Isaiah is fitting in to!

Shana said...

Congrats on your Gotcha day for Isaac! Kevin and I were just reading your blog and remembering how tiny Kyan was and how much Isaac reminds us of Kyan. He is full of life!! I am so glad you are all together now (well, minus 3) and you can begin bonding with those beautiful boys. I have shed many tears of happiness for your family over the last few days:)

Annie said...

He is a little sweetie! And what a very special little guy who came so far in life already. He is blessed to have you!

Debberoo said...

Ack I'm such a ninny, I kept checking your blog for new posts but I never noticed the list of new ones on the left!

Sooooo happy to see you with both boys! Looks like you've got a very determined little guy in Isaac! So glad that the first day with both of them went well and its great that your 3 at home are doing well without you - even if it crushes a parents ego a little ;) ;) ;)