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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gotcha Day !

~~~Enjoying Day 1 with Isaiah~~~
Can you say Christmas in June?

Foster Mamas looking over his book from the school

2 foster families, and one FOREVER FAMILY

The entire school gathered to say good-bye-these were all his teachers

He will probably out grow these clothes before he wears them out-if we can even get them all home!!

First meal with Baba and Mama

first bath at the Agora

We have a new son sleeping in our room with us tonight. It has been an action-packed day from the beginning, to the end.

From Meeting the foster families (2) to the entire staff at his school, and saying good-bye to all of them, and being showered with gifts from his foster families, I would say it has been an emotional day for our little Isaiah.

He has gone without naps the last 3 days now, and I am surprised he made it until 8pm tonight.

His meals have been all out of whack, and when I was fixing some simple noodles and cut up weiners for supper tonight, he was all excited and could not stay away from the kitchen. I am not sure it was the best meal I have ever fixed, but it did taste good, even to us, as we have been living off McDonalds the last 3 nights.

We now have more clothes for our 3 yr old than we can carry home. And toys, my, he has had Christmas in June the last couple days.
He ended his day with an hour long bath, he is such a contented little boy, but the sight of his little pruned hands really excited him. It was a blessing to watch him fade off to sleep in my arms tonight, despite a bit of twisting and carrying on, which lasts about 10 seconds.
We are looking forward to the baby coming home with us tomorrow=I am so ready to begin life as a family of 7=we are counting down the days to our homeward bound trip next Monday.
Chuck and Chris


Amy said...

Oh Chris,

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so sorry that I haven't commented before, but I wanted to say how happy I am to see all of you together! Such absolutely beautiful boys.

I am so happy for you!


Debberoo said...

My goodness, such a loved little boy and who wouldn't fall in love with that sweet face. Such a big day for all of you, I would imagine you are all exhausted!

So glad your baby is going to be with you tomorrow and you can begin your lives together. It seems as if the orphanage has been working hard to make the transition as easy as possible for your boys.

Don't forget you can get room service from any of the restaurants at the Agora (not just the stuff listed on the room menu) a lot of it isn't too bad price wise and at the end of an exhausting day it can be a relief not to have to organize dinner.

Loving all the photos and sending you all good wishes for things to go well tomorrow.

Sandra & Steve said...

Yay! Congrats! He looks so sweet in that tub and falling asleep in your arms, what a wonderful way to end the day. Nice to see the love showered on him by the foster families and staff.

Robin said...

What a happy day you have had. I am so happy for you. What a lovely and kind demonstration of all the love he has been receiving. It warms my heart. Enjoy your 1 and only night with 4 children. I am looking forward to tomorrow. Sleep well:)

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to see him with you. Looks like he has had a ton of love. I didn't realize that they had separate gotcha days. That makes so much sense. As the older brother, he probably needed that time alone with you before baby brother arrives. Congratulations on the additions to your already beautiful family!

Joe and Jane said...

What fabulous pictures you have with all the people who've cared so much for him! And now he's all yours! Congrats!

Shana said...

Great picture for you and Isaiah to have forever. It is obvious he is loved by all. Congratulations on your Gotcha day! Can't wait until tomorrow and you will have both your boys. This is so wonderful!

Joyce said...

Oh Chris he is so beautiful!!!!So Glad to see one little guy in your arms. Tomorrow will be baby. So happy that things have gone so well today. Hope tomorrow is just as great....

Beautifully Veiled said...

This is so exciting! Thank you so much for writing about this and sending the pictures. It is truly an inspiration, and please know that the Lord is using it to help "prod" others along this path as well.

Katie said...

Oh my, what a day! Congrats

Jan said...

WOW !!!!! So exciting I am here with Goose Bumps all over. Everyone looks so happy and Isaiah is so adorable. I can't wait to see everyone. Bet you can't wait to get the little one with you too.So anxious to meet my new Nephews. Take care and see you soon.
Love, Jan

mlynne said...

Chris- What a blessed and busy day! Ever so happy for you and just loved seeing your content son and the pict of you, the proud parents. Enjoy your time together and can't wait to see you with the baby next. Keep well! Safe travels-
Michelle Lynne

Beth said...

Congrats Chris!! Looks like everyone loves him very much. And so great that you have those pictures for him!! CONGRATS on such a great Gotcha Day!! :-)

Annie said...

Happy Day! He is beautiful, and I can just imagine all the love you have in store! I'm enjoying every photo!

Debberoo said...

Thinking of you and hoping all is going well. xxx