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Monday, April 14, 2008

A tribute to my Grandma

I know I am probably very biased-but I happen to think I have the most wonderful Grandma in the world. My Mom's mom has always been such a wonderful blessing in my life; my confidante, my greatest champion, loving me through all stages and ages of my life. I am sure I could do no wrong in her eyes-and isn't that a fun place to be as a grand-daugther?
I remember the wonderful summers by brother and I would spend on the farm. Oh how I loved Grandma's breakfasts, watching her tirelessly cook endless meals for everyone, hang her wash on the line, ( I can still see her with her washcloth going over the line to clean the fly poop off before hanging her clothes out-do I do that? NO) She was meticulous, methodical, and predictable-and how I loved that about her.
When we visited, there was always candy in the candy dish, and it never mattered how much we had, she never scolded us, she always had a full cookie jar, cake or brownies, and often pies too. And popcorn with a chocolate malt at night-or else a rootbeer float-what could beat that?
My Grandma's best meal was chicken (although she always preferred Capon) , carefully breaded, fried, and then baked for several hours-there was none better-and the gravy-I can still see her tending to her frying chicken, apron tied around her little waist.

Oh, how I have loved her. Even when Grandpa and Grandma moved off the farm, going to see Grandma was a treat, because it was still Grandma's house-and they were only 1/4 mile from the farm. I remember many Satruday or Sunday afternoon drives with them-always down some dusty gravel lane, and always ending with a few "cool ones" at one of their favorite local pubs. They would play pool, visit with everybody, buy us some Cheetos and give us quarters to play pinball, or the jukebox, and just hang out!
When we got older, Grandma understood when the visits got less frequent-she would always tell me she knew
how busy life was for us. After marrying a farmer, she always
told me she knew what it was like to mom/wife/farmwife, and I should never feel bad for not coming to visit more often.
Somehow, that gentle affirmation always soothed my troubled conscience-I WANTED to get to visit her, but...
Well, God has blessed me with a wonderful last memory of my Grandma. I went to visit her in February in the nursing home she had been in for only a couple months-she hated it there, wanted to go home-talked of how "they" are so strange here! But, the day I went, they were having some music, and they cleared out the dininghall and created a ballroom, and they played polka music. Grandma wasn't sure if she wanted to go or not, but with some persuasion, she agreed to let me push her down to the dance hall. As we sat together, holding hands, smiling, tapping our toes, and clapping our hands, we had a ball together. I asked her if she wanted to dance (wheelchair dancing) and she agreed-I didn't think she would!-and I strolled out on the floor with her wheelchair in front of me-and I would swing the chair softly from side to side as we went around the room, and I know she was remembering all the times she and Grandpa would fly over the dance floor-they made such a handsome couple on the dancefloor-and they loved to do it!!

How very glad I am that I can remember her with
that smile on her face, a little gleam in her eye!

Because on Saturday, April 12, 2008 and 6:30 am, my Grandma passed away, and I won't be able to see that smile anymore-but it is etched in my memory forever!
How I will miss her-she could sure talk-and share secrets, and give me hints on cooking or baking, or child-raising-or just loving me!
Grandma was 88-she always said, after Grandpa died 11 years ago, she didn't want to live to 90-and she got her wish-and she went peacefully, and gracefully, just like she did everything else in life.
Memories are wonderful, pictures are great, but they don't quite make up for the real hugs, smiles and whispers of "I love you honey". I hope someday I can be the kind of Grandma you were to me!
I miss you terribly, and I will always love you!



Jackie said...

What a beautiful and moving tribute. To have such a special relationship is incredible. May your memories comfort you.

Shana said...

Chris, I am so sorry for your lost but so moved by your blog. You made me realize that today would have been my grandmother's b-day so I will also post about her. Thanks for making me think about the important things in life.

Andrea said...

Very beautiful post.
My great-maw died before our first child was born. She made me a baby blanket about 10 years before and gave it to me "just in case". All of my babies have slept under it.
I miss her.
This reminded me of her.
Thank you,


Jenny, Steve, & Jade said...


My prayers are with you during this difficult time, especially for the funeral today. What a moving tribute you wrote for your grandmother; what a blessing she has been in your life!

Precious Wonders & Little Monkeys said...

My condolences sweetie! ~Big Huge Hugs~ Grandmas are just so one of a kind, aren't they? I love every word you wrote... you've honored her greatly. With much love and hugs, Sara

Dawn said...

*sniff sniff*

Dear One,
I am sorry for your loss. But you have been so blessed by being able to know this woman.
My grandmothers died when I was 5 and 6 years old and I still remember them, but never really got a chance to know them like you got to know yours.

God be with you and your family.

With love,

Lori said...

What a beautiful and heart warming tribute! Thank you for sharing your special relationship and we are soooo sorry for you loss!

The Michaels Family