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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More fun pictures at home

We have a little man who is desperately jealous whenever Kendell is getting toooo much attention from Baba!
I am not sure how Chuck can hold all that weight, but Daddy's arms are definitely strong enough for the task.
Quite the difference from 6 weeks ago, when he would throw himself OUT of our arms, now he is diving into them.

Isn't the sandbox just the best invention for little boys? He really loves playing with trucks and digging in the sand, and generally getting dirty and making messes-typical boy!!

Tyler is also busy HELPING us with our housework. Nick's job is vacuuming, and Tyler actually pushed him away the other day and did the entire living room by himself-he huffs and puffs the whole time, but does manage to get the job done-sort of!

Can you imagine it would be such a messy job collecting eggs? Only when you are 3 1/2, with 2 older siblings thinking throwing the chicken feed to the chickens is a great way to distract the rooster while they collect the eggs, but they sure do have fun!

My Mom was here the second week we were home, and there was Just enough snow to make the hill behind the house slideable!! The 4 of them took a spill, but they had fun, and you should see those chunky legs of Tyler's after he tries keeping up with big brub and sis for the afternoon-I am not sure who was more tired, Tyler or Ahma!

More pictures will be coming-I do have 6 weeks to catch up on you know!