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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Finally, a fun family UPDATE!!

Tyler's first snow storm was a doozy-we got about 8 inches, it was blowing so hard, it hurt their faces, but they still had to have some outside time-I think we were home the first week, and this hit-notice the snow banks in the back almost cover up the pickup truck? Yes, we had enough snow left when we got home!

Tyler's first time in the milking parlor-he was and is still quite fascinated with the cows, and likes to check in on whoever is milking when he makes his rounds in the afternoon! Although, he already prefers riding in the tractor and skid steer to actually feeding calves, or any "labor" jobs!

This is a must during most meals-holding hands with Daddy (Baba)-it actually breaks Dad's heart when he says "Daddy" like the other 2 children do-he really likes being Baba-and Tyler really loves his Baba!

This is something we were waiting for-wanting to be held at bed time! He loves snuggles and rocking, listening to stories, and he still needs his thumb-not sure how we are going to break him of that, as he is extremely "strong-willed" to say the least. But we got Kendell off her finger-finally at age 5, so I know it can be done. But for now, we kind of enjoy seeing our little boy being a little boy.

This was our beautiful "welcome home" sign our friends made for us. Paul works for us, and his wife and 2 little girls put this together for us, it is really beautiful, and we will always cherish it!

I will be doing a few more updates soon, as I at least have my photos loaded on the computer, so it should not be a hard process to get a short blurb and some more pictures uploaded sometime.

We have been having a lot of fun with our little Tornado! He can still tear the house apart, but is slowly learning he also has to help put it back together as well. He has come so far in the last 6 weeks since we got home. I feel so bad this is really the first time we have put new pictures up-not having a digital camera really stinks when you like to do blogs, but we will work around that for a while.

Check back soon, there will be more coming! He is so photogenic-as are all our children, it has been hard choosing what to post, but there will be more soon!




Beth said...

Chris,it looks like the kids are getting along really great and that Tyler has settled in!! Love the picture of him and baba holding hands at dinner.

Shana said...

Tyler looks like he is doing great with his new family! I can't believe you guys get that much snow. I love how he holds hands with baba at dinner.

Joe and Jane said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks for posting them! I'm thrilled that everything is going so well.