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Monday, March 10, 2008

We are now a family of 5

Hey everyone, it is finally here, the day we have been dreaming about for a very long time.
Tyler is with us, and wow, what a day it has been. He has a cold, but has lots of nervous energy, and we will be pretty tied up for a few hours tending to him, and still cleaning up the USCIS mess with our paperwork-AIT still does not have all our paperwork-which means overseas phone calls tonight, as it will be Monday morning back home. I will be posting pics on the blog as soon as I can get someone to show me how,but for now,just wanted to let everyone know we are back to Taipei with our son, we are a family of 5!!


Joyce said...

Long and awaited... Tyler is all yours. Can't wait to see some pictures of you all. We will get this USCIS crud taken care of.
I hope things go better with Tyler's greiving in the next few days.
Thoughts and Prayers are with you Chris and your family.
Welcome Tyler!!!!!

Debberoo said...


Congratulations! I'm so sorry about this mess with USCIS.

Lori said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! We are soooo excited for all of you! Thinking nonstop of everything you are/have gone through and know that God is watching over you! Praying that Tyler is comforted by you and will soon adjust!

Welcome Tyler to your new family and the U.S.A.!!!

Shana said...

WOOOOHOOOO!!! Tyler is yours!! I am crying right now and I haven't even seen pics yet. Please post the pics - we are dying over here.

I hope USCIS gets their act together soon. The most important thing though is that you have Tyler. USCIS will work out eventually.

Megan said...

Congratulations!!!This must be a very trying time I can't imagine the paper snafu on top of being in Taiwan. I hope it gets worked out, AIT is very helpful and they can get things fast from US. Things will settle down with your new son, just get through these few days...get home and wait until sleep times adjust, then evaluate. He just can't express his needs the way he is used to. We returned with our 21mo old in Feb and still working on adjusting. My thoughts are with you and your family! I know things will be sooo much calmer once you get home. we ended up doing what ever it took to keep her calm (i.e. bottles through the night)