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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Oh Happy Day!!

I could not believe how blessed we are-I opened up my email Friday night, and could not believe how long it was taking to receive mail-and all of a sudden, there was a large file from our caseworker with updated photos and videos of Tyler!!

He is such a gem, so smiley, happy, and full of energy! He must really like his
sweatshirt we sent him at Christmas time, this is the 2nd set of photos we have with him wearing it!!

Well, it is also our last update we will be
getting-can't believe we will be leaving to go and get him in less than a week now!!

What I am truly amazed at is how God has been knitting our hearts together through this process. With each set of updates we received, I have realized I just love him so much already, and marvel at how good God is to us.

Well, time to get on with the day, I just had to post a picture of our little ham!!

OK, I really only meant to post one picture, but it took 3 tries to find the one I really liked-the one at the top!! BUT, why not, he is just adorable, and everyone needs to see him in action, right?




Joe and Jane said...

Chris, he truly couldn't be any cuter! He looks excited that you're coming!!

Shana said...

Tyler is so precious. I love how he is shooting the peace sign. Mia still does that for the camera, we love it.