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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Long time in coming-but finally, here they are....

Holding hands already

Momma and her new son

Daddy and his new son

Our first family picture on gotcha day!!


Joe and Jane said...

It is wonderful to see you together as a family!

Debberoo said...

Great photos, I especially love that first one where your daughter is holding her new brothers hand - very sweet.

I know you must be feeling so stressed with all the paperwork troubles but hopefully your going to get some smoother sailing soon :)

Katie said...

You are all absolutely perfect! Glad to see Nick and Kendall jumping right in with their little brother!

So do you have to stay in Taiwan longer than expected?

I'm sorry to say this, but you are the most patient, uplifting person that I have met - and so He knows you can handle this if anyone can! But so sorry that you have so much stress going on.

Have a great time - he's too perfect!

Jenny, Steve, & Jade said...


What a beautiful family you are! I'm sure Tyler will continue to adjust day by day; you are so patient and loving that he will be just fine I'm sure. Also with all the crazy paperwork troubles, you are in my thoughts and prayers!


Texas Piglets said...

Chris, y'all look great! I can't believe the trouble you're having with paperwork. Hopefully today will have it all together.

laura said...

Congradulation! You all look so happy.

Cari said...

i know nothing about the paperwork part, but you guys look great together. Time and love with work some magic, I'm sure. Professional help if need is nothing to be ashamed of. We have been seeing a therapist and it's worked wonders for us as a family. I always love the picture of the new family by the wall of other new families brought together by adoption.

Shana said...

Oh, Chris,the memories just come floating back to me and I am a mess right now. Your family is beautiful and I am so happy for you! I love how Tyler is shooting the peace sign, Mia did that too. Congrats and best of luck with all the AIT mess.

Sarah k said...

so cute! I am glad it is all over and that you are safely returned to the U.S. I know it feels good to have your new son and be able to watch him sleep (when he does) and be amazed by all the adjusting and learning he is about to do.

Aunty Ju Ju & Cousin Cassie said...

WHOO HOO! You guys look so cute and it was great to see the new nephew/cousin! A family of 5, wow! Remember if you need a sitter, you know where CASSIE lives! Tyler is adorable and was well worth the wait!!!

Love always,
The Olson