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Monday, March 24, 2008

Tuesday morning around the Agora

Our first morning together did not start out too smoothly-we quickly found out sugar had been a main staple of Tyler's diet, as the ONLY foods he would eat at the bountiful Agora Gardens breakfast buffet consisted of mainly sugar, sugar, and more sugar.
While the fruit and juice and yogurt ate certainly good for him, we definitely need to find a way to include a few more things in his diet, and it will keep him from bouncing too high the rest of the morning.
We also discovered that if Nick and I head down early, pick out all the food for him ahead of time, and have it all
ready, he is much more compliant, and eager to begin
eating immediately when Kendell and Chuck bring him
down a few minutes later. But when he is done, look out
he is ALL DONE, and it is now time to leave, or the entire

hotel will hear him if we think about detaining him for a few more minutes.

After eating, we ventured outside with some bubbles, which he loved squashing and chasing, and we tried a short walk to a 7-11 for a few staples in the room, as Tyler is not always accommodating of our desire to go somewhere for food at meal times.
Here are a few more pictures of our first morning-after a night of not a whole lot of sleep for anyone-wow, was it hot in those rooms that night.



Shana said...

So glad to catch up on your trip and see more pics!!! It's great that you blogged about it so that you can remember it later. If you think the trip was a blur wait till you realize the first few months home are a blur. Things will get easier every day and you won't even remember how hard they were, hopefully. Thinking of your family always.

Craig, Judy, Andrew, & William said...

Awww... looking at your pictures of the Agora certainly brought back memories of when we were there just a few weeks ago to get William. I'm so glad that Tyler seems to be bonding with your family this well so soon. Congratulations!

- Judy K.