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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More Gotcha Day photos

I wanted to include some more photos

of our gotcha day time at TWCA!
We had so many good ones taken,
it is a shame to not include some more,
and it is kind of fun to look back and see
how things went that first meeting with

The first photo is of the outside of the
office building where TWCA is housed.
That is the Taiwan agency that works
with our US agency, and provides the foster
family care our children receive while
they await the court hearing to be completed.

Next is our first glimpse of Tyler. He did
not look like much of a tornado at that
time, he looked like a scared little 3 yr old
who did not know what to expect from the situation
he was about to enter into.

Then there is a fun picture of Daddy with his
3 children-I love candid photos of everyone
smiling and enjoying themselves. Tyler is
definitely a Daddy's Boy, too! But all the way

around, he prefers the men in his life over
the women, except for his big sister Kendell.
I think the sun rises and sets on her, as far
as Tyler is concerned.

Then we have a photo of Tyler and his foster mom.
I have yet to figure out her name, but will just call her
foster mom for now. She clearly cared for him,
and provided well for him. He seemed to be
well prepared for meeting us, and was
familiar with our faces from the photos we sent, and
our voices from the tape recordings we sent along.

Then, we have a photo of all of us with the foster
mom. Right after this photo was taken, we had a few
minutes to chat with her quietly(sort of) and ask a
few questions, which now I wish I had asked a whole
bunch more-and then she quietly slipped out of the
room before Ty had a chance to notice.

I feel for him, as I really think some of his pushing
me away has to do with his birth mom and foster mom
walking out of his life, and he really doesn't feel he
can trust a woman-so we are in for a long haul with
building trust in our little man, but I am thankful for
the prayers of the faithful who have kept pleading our
case before God, as I know that is where we will be
successful, as God opens doors, and brings healing
in his little heart.




Joe and Jane said...

Thanks for sharing all the photos! It is great to see exactly how it went when all of you joined together.

taiwanbaby said...

Hi Chris,

I saw on your pictures that we had the same foster mother!!!! Sadly I too forgot to get her name. How long was he in foster care? I wonder if they were there at the same time. If they would recognize each other. Cormacs chinese baby name was Sheng Sheng (pronounced like sung sung). When we were there in May 2007 she said there was another boy there. Amy who is also with CW had her for her son also. So glad your home and sounds like things are going better. Paperwork nightmare!!!

Cari Lee