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Monday, October 24, 2011


Lili's LOA came today!!
and ya know what??
They were dated the same day.
In fact, the really ironic thing is:
Hers was the first one given-
Rosalyn's was numerically 2nd!
And we got Rose's on Friday, and found out about Lili's today!
If I live to be 100, I WILL NEVER understand the ins and outs of this
crazy adoption system we endeavor to survive.
All I know is, I am praising Him for bringing these 2 girls into our lives, and
His hand will not lead us where His grace will not keep us!!!!!

We were blessed, about a week ago, to get new pictures of our little imp!
She just seems so full of smiles and happiness and energy.

My goodness, I am going to be one busy mama when we all get home together!
Now, on to the USCIS paperwork mountain that needs to be leveled before I head to bed!
Chris and family


mlynne said...

LOL- all that paperwork, maybe God is preparing us for the physical work ahead by wanting us to have had our fill with all cognitive/busy work before hand.

So happy for you all:)

We are in the middle of our Home-study update and THAT paperwork. Just sent out paperwork to our references asking for them to once again plz sent an updated reference for our family BUT that I hoped I wouldnt be doing this again next yr, by them I pray we have our referral.

Praying for your family and your sweet girls to find their way into your arms ever so soon.

Chris said...

Go Girl! You have some young ladies to bring home!!

Joe and Jane said...