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Saturday, October 22, 2011

3 Lovely Letters

Friday, Oct 21, we received the most precious email in the world
our LOA had come from Ch@na
and we have been officially approved to be Rosalyn's family!!
Doin' the happy dance in WIS!!!
We await news of Lilianna's LOA, yet, rejoice in answers to prayer for our sweet Rose.
More mountains of paperwork to be done, more weeks of waiting ahead of us, but, TRAVEL is imminent!
We WILL be going to Ch$na to get our daughter sometime in the next couple months :)
stay tuned for more
Love and Blessings


Sandra & Steve said...

Tears of joy for you!!! I've been following but too busy to post. Wonderful news, congratulations! LOA YAY!

Angie said...

Congratulations Chris!
Praying here in Sioux Falls for a swift and easy process leading up to your travel dates!


Anonymous said...

This is the best Chris.....
Praying for a fast TA


Sammons said...

Congratulations!!!! Praying from Az for everything else to just fall in place now!!!

Michele said...

Congratulations! How exciting! --Now a question about your t-shirts...what does the back have on them?

Chris said...

Hi Michelle
I don't think there is anything on the back-the print all shows on the front
I could be wrong-maybe we need to email adoption bug and see what they say
you can email me at
Thanks for stopping by
your sweet girl looks to be doing great-what a difference a year makes?!