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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

3 girls, 3 stories, 3 homes

HOW I love this picture!!
3 girls
3 adoptions nearing completion
2 will be cousins living within 15 minutes of each other
1 will join our family and live in Wisconsin-a LONG ways from her buddies, yet, anything is possible with our God.
Josie is in the middle. Her family's blog is here.
They have PA, and are in the early stages of their LOA wait.
Gracie, the little one on the right, is 2, and will be COMING HOME
in November to a wonderful family, cousins of Josie's parents. Watch her parents' blog for her gotcha day pics on Nov. 6, sure to be sweet, and probably bring a few tears.
The above picture was taken at a KFC near the girls' foster home.
Rosalyn decided to treat her friends to an ice cream cone-gotta love that generous spirit :)

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Louanne said...

I love this. Found your blog through the Advocate Yahoo group. We traveled with Lynnea and company this year when they met Ava and we met our Amelie. We can't wait to meet Josie next year!