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Monday, October 17, 2011

count your blessings, count them 1 by 1

Oh the unspeakable joy of opening up emails to new pictures of our daughter.
Rosalyn, we just love your smile, your sunny outlook, your servant's heart.
How we thank God you will be coming home to us soon.
We are still awaiting our Letter of Acceptance.
We were supposed to get a faxed copy from Ch#na last week, still not here today!!
OK, I know, all in His timing, and it will all work out the way it is supposed to, when it is supposed to.
It is reassuring to hear it was being faxed-
we are preparing the remainder of our paperwork, so when we have our LOA, it is
off to the races with the final count-down to TA-travel approval.
We are one of 4 families whose paperwork is being "pushed" at our agency, due to 14th birthdays coming up-I feel confident, we are in good hands. We have time.
It's just SOOOO hard to sit back and watch the days tick off, and the ceaseless wondering, checking the computer for any emails, watching the caller ID for our agency's number.
But, oh, how sweet it will be, when finally we get on that plane, headed West.
All in His timing!!!
Blessings and Love
the picture is from Lori B, Rosalyn's foster mom-giving us a glimpse into our daughter's daily routine, before it becomes OUR daily routine!
Singing as she hangs out the laundry
and or course, all smiles

we got updated info on Lili-that post will be coming soon-with new pictures of
our little princess


Beautifully Veiled said...

Absolutely Precious! I will be praying that HE moves quickly!

kimjax said...

Hoping your paperwork moves quickly!!