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Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Joys of Gardening

I so love to garden. I love growing our food, I love decorating the yard with beautiful flowers in pots and flowerbeds. I love spring when it is finally time to get seeds into the ground, and wait patiently for the first little signs of life to sprout up out of the ground. I have been especially blessed this year as my 2 oldest children, both 9, have been able to really help this year. Nick learned to run the tiller, which of course, meant Kendell had to learn as well. They did a very good job of it, and as it can be quite a tedious job for Mom to do, it was a wonderful new game for the 2 children this year.

Yesterday, we spent the entire afternoon in the garden planting our sweet corn, potatoes, and a few other things. Today, it is Sunday, and if the rain holds off-although we really do need it, I would like to try and finish everything else this afternoon. It is Memorial Weekend, and last year, I had things coming up already. This year, it has been too cold and wet to plant much earlier, and I have been lamenting the lateness of the gardening season, but I chuckle when I remember other years when I really did plant a garden in July-really, I did-and it still produced well.

We have huge rows of raspberries that have sprung up from the original 30 plants we brought with us from our old farm. The strawberry bed has been revamped this year and doubled in size, and there are many blossoms out there, which means berries aren't far behind. We have enjoyed the early rhubarb in several desserts already, and can't wait for the first strawberry-rhubarb pie.

My children have been beside me through most of the gardening this year. Both Kendell and Nick love being out there. Tyler, on the other hand, is much more into boy things, like making sticks into guns, throwing rocks, and just being 3. And I am so blessed by his being 3, that it only irritates me a little bit when he tromps off into the garden, stomping on my newly planted rows of raspberries that we transplanted this year.

Even though I did lose my patience a time or 2 with the older children yesterday, I know we all had an enjoyable time in the garden. Making memories, discussing memories from last year's harvest time and canning season, planning summer fun, learning how the corn planter works-a borrowed treasure from a friend that is now on my MUST-BUY list as it is also great for marking the rows before you plant the other crops-watching Tyler explore his world, petting a persistent kitty that insisted on sitting in the bucket of cut potatoes, or better yet, on top of the ones just put in the ground but not covered up yet. It is a joy to be home and be a Momma, and be in the garden.

Many blessings to all

In Him


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Shana said...

Wow, I am impressed with your garden already. I killed my basil but was thinking of trying tomatoes this year. I may have to borrow your green thumb. I think the girls would really enjoy planting veggies and seeing them grow. It sounds like such fun!