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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Family Photos

We have been pretty silent in the blogging world lately-farm stuff/yard/garden/homeschool-it all makes for a tired momma and very little time to write anything down.

However, I have some family photos that were taken at my Grandma's funeral that are too nice, and I need to share them with everyone.

Here is my Dad with his 2 surviving children, and their families-the only one missing is my widowed sister-in-law, who is busy trying to milk goats and take care of over 70 baby kids by herself-We miss you Cathy, but understand the desire to farm and make a go of it!! We have not had a picture with Dad of all of us for a long time, so I really wanted to make sure and get this one done.

Here is my Uncle Butch's family-I love my crazy uncle, his wife is just the sweetest-always remembers our children at Christmas time, and their kids are great cousins, and it is unfortunate we don't get to see each other more often- 2 1/2 hours is a long ways away when farming!

Here is our first family photo since being home with Tyler

Here is my Mom and her husband Lee and all of us

And here are all of us-minus my Aunt and Uncle and c ousin from Colorado who didn't make it back for the funeral.

But we will ALL be together this weekend as we gather back in Greenwood on Friday for a Memorial Service for Grandma when Aunty Marlie and Uncle Dick make it back home this week-and cousin Val and his wife Brenda will be here too-it is always good to visit with family-I will update then with another family picture as we need to include Marlie, Dick and Val too! Here is a picture of my dear aunt and uncle from one of their visits back to Wisconsin a few years ago.
I really look forward to visiting and sharing about life with them-they usually stay for a couple weeks, and we get together a couple times at different homes and enjoy a meal and fellowship together.
I think my next post will be on our new blog-I am excited about the new look, and can't wait for it to go public.
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Shana said...

I love the pic of you guys as a family and I love the boys plaid shirts. So nice that you got to see most of your family at your granmother's funeral and that you will see even more this weekend. I am sure your grandmother would be very happy that you are all together.

Jenny, Steve, Jade, & Lily said...


Love the photos and the new blog makeover! Awesome!


Joe and Jane said...

Beautiful photos of your family. You reminded me that we have yet to take a photo of the four of us!

I agree with Shana, I'm certain your grandmother would have loved the togetherness as well.