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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!

It is a wonderful day to be a mother!! Mother's Day is truly a blessed day in our home, although it didn't always have such a luster as it does now. As I was contemplating a post for Mother's Day, I was remembering the years of my life when being a mommy was only a huge, vacant hole in my soul. I longed with all my heart to be a mommy, and spent (wasted) a great deal of my adult life obsessing over having/making/children. I remember the pain of it all like it was yesterday.

That is why I have dedicated this blog post to all mommys-in-waiting on my wonderful email groups. Whether you are in the waiting for referral stage, or waiting for court hearing stage, or waiting to bring them home stage, know this-all of us who have spent a great deal of our life waiting for that first glimpse of our first child-we know exactly how you feel today-and it is OK to feel that way.

I have shed many tears on Mothers' Days in the past-tears of pain, frustration, anger, and uncertainty. I have sat in church services where mothers were honored with flowers, gifts, and all manner of special meals, messages, and beautiful cards and notes. I have ached with an inner ache that I thought would tear my world apart. I have obsessed and focused on children so much that I lost sight of the wonderful life I had-a perfect gift from God, that I was not appreciating or living fully. I grew angry and resentful with my wonderful husband, and I grew to really detest baby showers and reading the newspaper accounts of the week's births, with mostly unwed mothers listed, and no fathers, angered me and shortened my already frayed and frazzled nerves.

That is why today, I want to tell you all-it is ok to feel this way-but it is also ok to just let go and let God!! Let go and WAIT some more-let go and just enjoy the day, and being with your mom, or grandma, aunts, sisters, and just wait for your time to come. Because IT WILL COME!! It does happen, and it is no less a miracle than if you had created that precious little body inside your own body.

Waiting on God, for the PERFECT timing, the PERFECT day, the PERFECT, according to HIS WILL, time that HE has predestined for your child to join your family.

Being a mommy is the second-best thing in this physical world-being a wife is the first-so take the day, enjoy your husband and your plans for the future, and just keep holding on to those dreams, because, they will come true!

Be Blessed, Dear Friends

In Him



Joyce said...

Thank You Chris!!!!!!
Happy Mother's Day!!!!
I have so enjoyed your blog and seeing your beautiful children doing such great fun things together. They are so cute together. You have the kindest heart and spirit ever....
Have a great Day.... Hope it is relaxing. Ha Ha...

mly95014 said...

Dear Chris,

This is the first time I've commented on your blog. I'm a fellow AdoptingfromTaiwan groups member. Thank you so much for your words. This is my first Mother's Day. After 6 years of Marriage, God has blessed us with the beautiful gift of our baby boy, Matthew, whom we adopted from Taiwan and became a family just over 2 months ago. I agree wholeheartedly that everything in our lives, in particular the formation of our families, is in God's perfect timing. This Mother's Day I am shedding tears of joy for our family's blessing, while at the same time tears for Matthew's birth mother who must be aching for her loss.


Precious Wonders & Little Monkeys said...

Thank you for your ever loving spirit. You truly have shown so much great compassion and love, it's contagious! Happy Mother's Day. P.S. my Dad worked on a dairy farm as a child and your blog reminds me of what it might have been like for him... he loved it! Take Care, Sara

Rebecca said...

Thank you for those wonderful, encouraging words... I've really needed them lately. I believe that God has given you the gift of encouragement.