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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Greenhouse Fun

We have been getting our hands into the dirt already. And it was a lot of fun too-the children really enjoy helping our friends who have a greenhouse, and filling pots with dirt and potting new baby plants was a very good therapy for us since the weather has been relentless, ruthless, and bitter cold for 2 months now.
They tell us it was the coldest winter on record for 28 years for Hillsboro-YIPPEE-the best news is that we are through it, and now we find out JUST HOW COLD IT REALLY WAS!!!
We hope to go back again next week and help with more planting-It is really making me itch to get going on the garden-yes it is a couple months off, but planning ahead never hurt a guy! Plus, it kind of helps to have something warm to think about on these still not-so-warm days of early March.

I am sure playingin the dirt is just in a kid's nature-they are always all smiles!
Tyler and his friend " 'Turah" (short for Katurah) they managed to find lots of fun things to do for the couple hours the rest of us worked

It is so much fun to work in a warm greenhouse (outside it was 17 degrees Friday) and to be amongst GREEN

Nick is quite a worker, always looking for things to help out with

Tyler did get into the act a bit too-when he wasn't playing with 'Turah!!


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Lori said...

Love seeing green when the weather outside is sooo cold and dreary!! It has been so fun seeing all of the pictures - thanks so much!!