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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thankful for a SNAKE???

There always seems to be an abundance of difficulties in our life lately.
I suspect God may be trying to teach us many different things, and I confess, I have not been a completely willing pupil in His school of tough times lately. There has been much murmuring and complaining coming out of my mouth, swirling around in my thoughts, and showing in my actions.
While it seems easier to respond with negativity, anger and despair, oh, the havoc we wreak on our own lives when we do not receive the bad and ugly along with the good with a sweet spirit. My children have been witness to my ornery side, my contentious side, my despairing and having no hope side.
Yet, it is so untrue. I have a hope, and I have to rest in that hope.
Therefore, when things like plugged up dishwashers mean we wash dishes as a family every night for the last 2 months, we should rejoice.
Yet, when that plug makes its way into the line of my KITCHEN sink, then life takes on a whole new level of difficulty. Yes, I have another sink, in the basement, and we used it 3 times a day for the last several weeks.
But, finally, I said, "Enough" and we decided it was time to do something about this-probably the thought of having 19 people in the house for a meal, with ALL those dishes to wash, was the real incentive!
We bought several drain cleansers, used our own puny sewer snake, and did not get very far.
Finally, after my 3rd trip to the hardware store, we broke down and rented one of their sewer snakes-a long, 50 ft monster with a hand crank, and guess what??
I have flowing water again-Halleluia!!
It is really the little things in life that can throw our days off when they don't click-but it is truly the little things in life that can lift our eyes to Jesus, and push us closer to Him, if we let them.
Continuing my gratitude list
11. rented sewer snake
12. husband and son cleaning my drain for me
13. daughter that willingly washes dishes for me
14. dishwasher that now runs again
15. a faithful heavenly Father that loves me through all my despair and doubt
16. spring is just around the corner
17. 33 degrees today at 5am-it can only get better from here
18. thoughts of gardening-delighting in making those plans for filling our pantry
19. grocery money that filled up an empty refrigerator and cupboard
20. a wonderful time of fellowship with 3 other families on Sunday afternoon

Nick really gets into his work

watching the water drain out-photo by Kendell


figuring out how it all works

the beast that has eased my household duties!! AMEN
I really need to spend more time being grateful-it is such an antidote to a negative world-I have been the queen of negativity lately-here is hoping this post will bring a renewed effort towards gratefulness and thanking God for ALL OF IT!!-Even the stuff I don't like.


Sarah k said...

You seriously had me scared..lol. I was thinking hissing slithering snake! I am grateful it wasn't a real one. I feel the lack of contentment this week too. It is just a hard week. BUT your post has reminded me of how I need to let go and let God. that is so much easier said than done..lol. I shall listen to praise music and hopefully that will help. Anyways, thank you for sharing! God is great and worthy of praise.. all the time (I forget that line...lol)..

Sarah k

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