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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Tyler Pictures

Our little guy loves that thumb yet, and when he is ready to crash, it doesn't matter what is going on around him. Here, he decided to use his big sis's chair to take a 5 while we were CLEANING the basement, and cleaning is definitely NOT Tyler's favorite thing to do!
Tyler finally konked out on the way home on one of our recent 2 1/2 hr journeys-leg cocked over the side of the chair, insisting on a pillow behind his head, and thumb barely still in his mouth, but he slept, and for that, we were thankful.
Notice the stance on the stool?? He doesn't think the stool gets him high enough while brushing his teeth-he needs to use the sides to reach higher-typical boy-Nick always did that too!

This is what we call the "side-lip look" and it is always accompanied with a pained look in his eyes-it occurs usually when he is being scolded about something, and you would think you have just broken his heart-but we also see it when he really doesn't like something-like his first haircut

Here is Tyler and Katurah taking a rest from all their hard work Friday night while we were potting mums-prop your feet up, ask for a naynay (drink) and something to eat, and enjoy each other's company!! The picture really doesn't do them justice-they were actually both covered in potting soil

Here are Tyler and Nick and Ken at their first time of DRESS UP-Tyler was wearing some of Kendell's doll's clothes, and they all had a blast showing off for Momma and Daddy
my 3 little darlings at the Hein's greenhouse earlier in May for a homeschool fieldtrip-hard to say what is cuter, the flowers, or my children!!
Another greenhouse we visited had a trike with a back seat-and of course Tyler had to enjoy the rides all over their property-

Tyler is doing so well-he speaks so much English, and probably would not be using some select Mandarin if we didn't still use some of it-he is a lover boy-loves snuggles and cuddles, loves naps yet, loves his puppies, his big brother and sister, playing outside, playing school while Ken and Nick do school, and LOVES EATING!
He loves visiting with Ahmas and Bumpas-he has 3 sets of them-and just overall loves life!
Thank you Lord for the 3 perfect children you brought into our lives through the gift of adoption!
In Him


Jenny, Steve, Jade, & Lily said...

What wonderful pictures! So glad to hear Tyler is doing so well. Your children are all so beautiful; truly gifts from God.

Beth said...

Great pictures Chris!! Looks like Tyler's been living with you all for all 3+ years of his life!! Your kids are super cute and always look like they are having a great time.

Dianne said...

It is nice to see that Tyler is adjusting well. I love the pictures.

Joe and Jane said...

Fabulous update Chris! I'm so happy that everything is going so swimmingly with Tyler.

Shaunta said...

I just found your blog and it is WONDERFUL! Your children are absolutely beautiful and are certainly blessings from God. Living on a farm rarely has a dull moment, and it always provides plenty of great picture opportunities!


Sarah k said...

Hey, I love the song and the pictures.... Wonderful!!!!!!

Stefanie said...

LOVE the new pictures, and LOVE the blogover!!! I must say, the flowers are lovely but not compared to those 3 smiling faces :-) So happy things are going so well!

Rob & Karin said...

Hi Chris,
Your children are so beautiful! Glad to hear Tyler has adjusted so well. Love the new blog design too!