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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Today is Tuesday, and I am participating in a meme "In Other Words Tuesday". The host for this week's quotation is Deborah at Chocolate and Coffee-stop on over and see what everyone else is writing about, as we ponder persevering.

By perseverence, the snail reached the ark.

By Charles Spurgeon

Now, I would really like to read the book Spurgeon wrote that quote in, as I love his work, his preaching-it is deep, it is thoughht-provoking, and I am sure I can not do this justice tonight, but here are my thoughts on persevering.
When we think of persevering, we think of enduring, of sticking to it, following through, finishing, hanging on, patience and steadfastness, as well as triumphing over any hardships, trials or left turns that may occur along the way.
I think, by nature, I am a stick-to-it person. I dig my heels in, I hang on by my last thread, and I will not give up unless I know I absolutely have to. Some people also call this bull-headedness, but I prefer tenacious myself.
However, in view of God's Word, and how He speaks of persevering, it may not always be a "fast" finish-like the snail, that moves ever so slowly, it could be a life-time of hanging on, a month, a year, a season-whatever it is that God has called us to do, He will also enable us to finish, if we but TRUST in HIM!!
I guess the thought that comes to mind with hangin' in there is-if we totally trust God, if we totally believe that He has led us a certain direction, if we totally sell out to Him and say, "Yes Lord-I will take it"-then how can we NOT persevere???
How can we just decide-this is too tough, too hard, too long, too painful, too....... and walk away from what God has placed in our path for a specific reason???
Life is not about starting the race, and then not finishing it. It is about following through, answering the call He places on our hearts, and then hangin' on, because when you are sold out to God, there is no telling the places He may take you, but, the key is finding joy, contentment, and peace along the journey!!
Blessings in Him


Laurie Ann said...

Brava! I totally agree with you. Very insightful. God bless you for sharing your heart!

Denise said...

Sweet blessings to you dear.

jamie in rose cottage said...

Great post. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog, too!

I love the scrapbookish feel of your blog header & sidebar. Very nice! I'll be back to visit, and hope you'll visit me again soon, too. :-)

Yvonne Crawford said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog. So...
1. Love your blog
2. I haven't been on the group in ages, so I'm glad you have your son home!! that is awesome.
3. I can't believe how at ease he seems in the pictures - just like he's always been with your family. So special!!!

I'll have to read about your journey. :)