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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Saying Good-Bye to an old friend

Our beloved boxer Sadie passed away 2 weeks ago, Friday night.
She had been sick since the week after Mother's Day, and we suspect cancer, altho the blood work showed MANY things wrong with her, probably all stemming from a tumor inside.
She was such a wonderful, trusted, reliable, loving friend.
We miss her terribly.
I still look at her rug by the door and wonder where she is.
She has been with us for 10 1/2 years, and for boxers, that is a pretty long time.
We are thankful she was happy and healthy up until the last 6 weeks, and I am very thankful she did not seem to suffer or linger at the end.
I suspect our hunting cross is missing her, but the 2 young boxers are really showing her lots of attention and keeping her busy with their 2 yr old antics:)
We are no longer the crazy family with 4 dogs, now we only have 3, and who ever heard of having a hunting dog in the house???
Ever since we moved, Reggie has not adjusted to sleeping outside again-so, we deal with it, as she is 9 too, and someday, life will only consist of the 2 "nuts" as we affectionately call the younger 2.

Only in OUR home would you find 4 dogs sleeping on the kitchen floor!!
Or penned up when there is company here.
Sadie, we miss you, Boxers are such great companions, and they LOVE children.
She would never have hurt one of the children, no matter how obnoxious they behaved to her.
She got a proper burial the next day, between 2 trees.
Nick said he is saving a spot next to her for Reggie someday:)
(I'm not too sure what Reggie would think of that???)
She almost made it to her 11th birthday.
We miss our old friend-even our special kiddos have asked where she is, although it took them several days to notice she was not around. Zaya still asks about her, but the beauty of growing up on a farm is that they do experience life and death more often than children in the city, so it is a fact of life, animals do die.
AND, there are no plans, at all, for adding to our brood of dogs.
THREE is more than enough, especially when 2 are "the nuts"!!!

and Part II of the series will be coming shortly, its in the works now:)
Chris for all 9 of us


Vicky said...

I'm sorry for your loss.

The 4-O-7 said...

Boxers are a special breed. We've had three and we adore them. They are such great guard dogs and so wonderful with children. 10 1/2 is a long life for a boxer, but it never seems long enough when you lose such a dear friend. I'm so sorry for your loss. Love & hugs ~Tina