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Thursday, May 8, 2014

morning 1 so far, so good

We are off to a good start in the healing process with minimal bruising, swelling and pain this morning!!
After a relatively good night's sleep (in the pediatric ward, they only interrupt your night twice, midnight and 4) we both had our breakfast, called home, had a Dr visit, and are waiting for the head Dr to tell us we can go home.
She is showing a bit more interest in doing something besides a movie, so that is also a good sign.her meals come through a syringe, so they are pretty limited now, but with a blender at home, we can be more creative!!!!
When we get home, I will post some pics, as my iPad won't let me use any of its pictures...sigh...so much for modern technology:)


K said...

If she likes tacos, etc... then blending beans, cheddar cheese and salsa was something I loved after having all my wisdom teeth out and couldn't chew. It was hot and filling and flavorful.

Monique said...

thanks for keeping us updated. Sorry I missed this earlier!