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Thursday, May 29, 2014

A bit of a scare...

Tuesday night, I was sure I was the worst mother that ever walked through a bone graft surgery with their child!!!
Rose told me she had pain in her front gum, and when I looked, I about had a stroke!!! I saw LOTS of white, and after last week's Dr's visit, when he said most of the sutures were dissolving and would be gone soon, I never expected to see any at almost 3 weeks post-op!
I was sure the tissues were separating over the bone, and she was running her tongue over it alot, because it hurt, but, still not something you want to do.
After a very sleepless night for me, I called the clinic right away the next morning. The surgeon got us in that afternoon at 1:30, and....
He was thrilled to report that the tissue was looking FINE, it was simply some badly deteriorating sutures that should be gone, or almost gone by now, that were mushy, and getting infected. There was even a little pocket of pus above the sutures that he opened up. He then proceeded to remove all the remaining mushy stiches, and Rose feels like a new girl now:)
And I am one happy MAMA---She is on antibiotics, and we will go back to softer foods for another week, which she is NOT happy about, she is dying for a tortilla chip!!!
We are all smiles, as we see God's protective hand in this, as I really was sure she was going to need new stiches, or something, to pull the tissues together again over that bone-ya know, sometimes, our minds are our WORST enemies!!!
Rose has been doing SO well, and with limited activity, still able to be a part of our farming operation, even if it only involves watching the little boys, but she is outside, walking around, picking rocks in our new garden, and today, she wants to help plant the potatoes.
Her hip has healed so nicely, she is walking completely normally now, and even picking up the pace from her original protective shuffle:)

She is all smiles, and I am feeling blessed.
Have a great day friends!
Chris for all 9 of us

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K said...

I'm glad everything turned out to be fine, but I can easily imagine what you must have felt like when you looked into her mouth and saw what you did. My baby also reacts when the sutures don't dissolve like they should. Please tell Rose that I'll eat a tortilla chip in her honor tonight!