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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Our NEWEST family member!!!!

We have been invaded!!!

Puppy kisses abound
and oh my, there are so many giggles and squeals throughout the evening-hopefully we don't have too many yelps through the night :)

It's a new puppy for the Waughtals.
WHAT we are thinking, who knows for sure.
BUT, Maggie is adorable, we all love her to pieces, Sadie loves her, and Reggie is a bit jealous, but she fits right in!!!

8 weeks old yesterday, we found her Sunday night, hemmed and hawed about spending money on another dog, but in the end, her cuteness won out!
I am thankful her sister sold before we got there-2 may have put me over the edge:)
Puppy pictures galore, and such serious cuteness-and a bit of naughtiness thrown in for good measure!!

taking time out for a little snooze

what is it about puppies and little boys???
doing laps around Sadie-it's so cute when they "box"
that's an awful lot of sking to grow into Miss Maggie Mae!!

Chris and family


Vicky said...

Chris, she's so cute!

Lynnea said...

Ok I say this in love...YOUR ARE CRAZY WOMAN! lol
I can't IMAGINE doing a puppy right about now!
But she sure is cute...and you stole my name ;) ;) ;)

Robin said...


kendell w said...

super cute right???
and i get to live with her every day:):)
- Kendell

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the children will love her! Our girls want a pup.

Annie said...

Wait, how did I miss this cute pup???? She's doggone adorable!!!!

Anyway, stopping in to say "Hi!!!" to you my friend! Hope your summer is going well!! Miss you!!!!