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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

LID LID LID LID :) :) :) :)

Doin the HAPPY DANCE right now!
Heard from our caseworker, our paperwork was officially Logged Into the Ch*na system on 8/23/11. We are now OFFICIAL, and are waiting for our Letter Of Acceptance, the really official paperwork we need that approves us to adopt our girls!

Praise the Lord!


kimjax said...

WOOHOO!! So happy for you, Chris!! One BIG step closer!

Jaime T. said...


Debberoo said...


Sharon and Michael said...

yay yay yay congrats

Annie said...

Hello Chris! We are home from China with our precious little girl. She is doing wonderfully! I am over tired and a little bit out of whack but enjoying every minute of her. I am so happy to come by your blog and check in! Congrats on your LID! Are you still planning to go for 2 girls this time?? Your new pic of your waiting daughter are beautiful! I look forward to following you to China!