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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Horse-Drawn Sleigh Rides-Oh My!!

Our family had a wonderful opportunity a couple weeks ago to go for a horse-drawn sleigh ride.
Even though we live in Amish country, we have never had that chance before, and we really enjoyed our afternoon. It was a cold, brisk day, clear, and peaceful, and the 5 children and I left Daddy behind to do his work, and headed for a drive. We ended up in the bluffs, on a very quiet, peaceful road, and even though we didn't know anyone except the driver of the team, a young man from our church, we were very blessed by the outing.

We were glad the weekend event occured when it did, as the next week, we went through a pretty major warming spell, and most of the snow disappeared in a week or less. Since then, we have had a bit more snow, but spring thaws are headed our way, rain and all, and we don't think there will be much snow left by next week.
I am working on some more posts, hopefully we will get time over the next few days to make some more changes to the blog, and give a few more updates on our family and our boys!!

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jewell said...

I can't find a way to email me. Cna you email me privately? We have a precious someone connection...my dd works overseas...