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Friday, February 11, 2011

Our baby turns 2!!

Oh Happy Day
Well, I think so anyway-it is always bittersweet on the baby's first birthday at home, and it was no different yesterday when we celebrated with our little man, Isaac.
Despite chronic ear infections, 5 rounds of antibiotics, 2-yr molars trying to come in, and ear tubes going in on Wednesday, we had a great day with our son for his 2nd birthday.
Kendell baked cupcakes, and he sat on a chair and watched her frost them, and I just thought his view of the cakes was adorable-they were JUST out of reach, and did he try to get to them-it was quite the sight.!

Here he is, just can't wait to get his hands on them, but not too sure what to do with it when he does finally get one on his tray!!

Such a look-do you mean I get all of those???

He was the calmest he has been in days-didn't even try to touch them, in fact, didn't even want to touch one when it was finally time to eat them

everyone gets into the act of blowing out the candles

so cute, so tentative, we could not believe he did not just devour it-but he had to play with it first, and make a total mess of crumbs, then try to pick up the crumbs to eat it!

it is amazing how much better his fingers work now that he has been crawling on all 4's for a couple months-although that will be changing soon as he is starting to "stand" unassisted for a few seconds at a time-and no, this momma is NOT ready for that

finally, presenttime!!

OK Daddy, let's get this show on the road, it has to come out of that box NOW, and I will show you how to do it

what a great musical toy from Grandma and Grandpa-and he loves it too, but big brother Zaya has claimed it for the interim, as he can pull it all over the house and listen to it singing to him!!

They all got in on the action with his new Fisher Price Little People garage-we were all impressed with how Isaac actually played with it-all afternoon, and all evening-it was quite cute watching the 3 little boys playing together after supper last night-and a first for Isaac, he actually stayed with a task for more than a minute!!

everyone had to get into the act with the little people garage
We are so blessed to have such wonderful children, and to be able to celebrate Isaac's2nd birthday with him-he is definitely our motor man, and does he make noise when he wants to, and he will be walking soon, we are sure of that-he has come SOOOO far since coming home last June-it is hard to imagine the changes in him from our first view of him as that little rag doll in the orphanage, to the perpetual motion he is now.
How great is our God!!
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Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

Stefanie said...

I cannot believe he is 2!!! He has grown so much since you got him home :-) It's so fun to hear about all the new things he is up to! Happy 2!!!

Joe and Jane said...

He is So BIG! Happy birthday Isaac!!!

Annie said...

Hi Chris! Love the new blog design! Happy Birthday to dear Isaac. I just love how he was looking at those delightful cupcakes!

Beth said...

Happy Birthday to Isaac!! I love the pictures of him looking at the cupcakes!!

Amy said...

Happy belated birthday, Isaac! I absolutely loved the sweet pictures of your family together (and he is so cute with the cupcakes). Looks like you all had a wonderful day.

I can't believe how much he has grown!

kendell said...

very nice mom!!!!