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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Week 1 as a family of 7

OK, he is a little too big for the exer-saucer, but he was very determined to enjoy it as much as his little brother has been

Playpen time has been very good for Isaac, he usually is quite content in here for up to 45 minutes

Big sis Kendell and her long-awaited Isaiah-she has been a very good helper and loves her little brothers very much

Isaac in the middle of an "I'm not happy" moan

My Mom came to spend the first few days with us. What a God-send that was, as it turned out to be 9 days she stayed, and oh, the help she was.
Grandma loves reading, and here she is with all 5 piled around her!!

Momma with 2 tired little boys in her own kitchen

every time Isaac crawls down this hall way, we are so thankful we spent the money before we left to put in new flooring. The old stuff was ancient, holey and full of mildew, and we just knew we could not have our littlest one crawling around on it
Two big brothers putting Isaiah's toddler bed together. Isaiah is not as good about going to bed as he was in Taiwan, but he has improved tremendously since he got his own bed-although I still wish we had kept him in a crib for awhile longer. He is just tooooo mobile now!

Tyler loves to spend time with the baby-trying to give him a bottle from an upright position does not work too good, but he sure wants to be a good helper too.


Shana said...

So many helpers is great! I love the picture of your mom with all the kids and the one of you with Isaac and Isaiah asleep and almost asleep. I bet you wanted to do the same? :)

Annie said...

I LOVE when grandma comes to visit! They always are welcome! The new flooring looks beautiful!