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Thursday, July 1, 2010

3 weeks

Isaac has been working on teeth since we picked him up. I think since we got home, 4 have come through, and more are working on it. No wonder we get so crankhy sometimes. His grasp has gotten a little better, as he can get the teething biscuits to his mouth-his real problem with them is, once he takes a bite, he throws it down, and then can't find it again when he wants more.

Isaiah is getting more interested in having his pictcure taken-he can even show off a little bit now

Isaac is actually standing up in his saucer now. His legs have a little chunk to them now, and he has something to support himself with-we are thrilled to see this!!

Our little water baby-he LOVES his bath time. Splashing with all 4 body parts is usually his preferred mode of soaking us all down-including my new floor!!

This is how much he loves his bath, he actually wants to stand and watch the tub fill. His little lets will support him, but he just doesn't think it will happen every time yet. I think he will go from scooting to running very quickly!! and then we will be in trouble, as he doesn't think anything should be off limits to him!!


Shana said...

I am so thrilled to see Isaac standing! And I love the Isaaiah is such a ham in front of the camera. I knew they would do so well once they were home with you! Yippee!!! I am celebrating all of their accomplishments! Thanks so much for keeping us updated.

Annie said...

It just looks like they are doing so well fitting right in with your family! They look happy and healthy!!