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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday evening contemplations

Here we are, the start of another busy week-the end of another busy month. I want to ask again and again, "where does the time really go?" But I know the answer to that.

-helping my little ones with school work

-helping my little ones with house work

-helping my little ones with farm chores

-feeding my family

-clothing my family

-putting up food for my family

-helping my hubby in the parlor, milking, cleaning, cheering and supporting

-sorting through mountains of paperwork that is months behind

-sorting the daily/weekly clutter from our counters and cupboards

-planning, planning, planning

The list really does go on and on, doesn't it? But, through it all, I have to keep trusting that God will make a way, when there seems to be no way!! A Sunday without church is quite uncommon for us, but this was a busy weekend of chopping the corn silage, and as we are completely at the mercy of the custom harvesters, and their schedule, we thank God that the silage is ALL done in about 15 hours of hard work, that it did not rain on us, that we again have plenty to feed out cows for the next year, and that we are able to pay for it all-steep prices, yes, but we can pay for it.

This coming week has so many things on the schedule already, there hardly seems time for family time, God time, down time. But, we are looking forward to the science co-op field trip to the Crane Foundation on Friday, and then coming home to fly to a fellow church-member's home for pressing apple cider. 7 bushels should make about 22 gallons of cider for us to enjoy all year long-and it really is not that long of a process-thank goodness for their wonderful family and the cider press they share with all of us.

So yes, it is a busy season of our lives right now, but keeping perspective is what it is all about. If we get lost in the list of to-do's, we want to just shrivel up and despair over the busyness of our days. But if we choose a humble, joyful attitude, and thank God for His rich blessings to us, we can take the busyness much more in stride, and hopefully, with a lot more smiles and teachable moments than frustration and hurtful moments.

Happy Fall to everyone, and may God Richly Bless you !!

In Him



Shana said...

Happy fall to you all too! I really have no idea how you do it all, Chris. You are such an amazing mommy!

Sarah k said...

That is so funny you mentioned that hon. I was thinking and contemplating myself how we would afford our journey to Jo and the song "God will make a way" popped into my head too! He truly will make a way! Stop by sometime.. we could use your prayers girl.. whole lot of mayhem going on with us..
Sarah k

Beth said...

Glad to see you back in the blogging world! You have one busy life and I don't know how on earth you manage it all...you're an inspiration and motivation to the rest of us, that's for sure!! Glad to see that the kids are doing well and that Tyler is having such a good time with his Forever Family!