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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Happy 50th birthday, Mom & Dad!!!

Can it be true?
We are 50 years old!
There are days when I KNOW I am 50, and then there are a few days when I think maybe I am, um, 45??
Our children always plan a wonderful birthday party for me, but this year, since Mom and Dad both were turning 50, they decided to do a joint party.
For various reasons, we ended up celebrating last Saturday afternoon, and it was WONDERFUL!!!
Kendell and Nick are such gracious hosts, and LOVED treating us to a special dinner, in our own little alcove, all beautifully decorated, and yes, that is FIFTY candles burning on that silly cake:)

Kendell has attended enough parties at our church to be gettting a good idea of how to use what you have on hand, and for this party, that meant baby pictures of both of us, some Christmas decorations that had been put away, ( at least, I thought I put them away:) ) and LOTS of ribbons tied, twisted, and strung everywhere

 and they snuck one of the computers downstairs, (which was Nick's idea)  to be used for a slideshow and mood music while we waited to be served our delicious homemade Sub sandwiches
 We got to include the little boys at our table, as they kind of needed a spot out of the way of all the hustle and bustle, and it was a good way to keep entertained while we waited for our food!! and the phones were to be used for intercoms, since they were working on our lunch upstairs, and we were seated downstairs-they think of everything!!! :)

The planning started back in early December, got stalled out with Christmas, a major arctic blast, and a few other things, then, come Jan. 10, when Dad celebrated his special day, we decided, no matter what, the NEXT day, would be the party!
 The 2 planners, greeters, decorators and sub makers extraordinaire

 3 of their willing accomplices

 our annual treat of the "5 ft thing", better known as a ball run fro KNEX-Nick has this down to a science now, he can put it together in about 1 evening-we all LOVE watching it, but especially Isaac

 The serving team gathers to take our order:)

 A break in the action for a beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace-Rose LOVES this song, and can sing it perfectly!!!

 One of our sandwiches, with all sorts of fixins on it-and we kept the sides simple-chips and apple sauce

 Happy 50th birthday honey-and MANY more!!!

 I'm pretty sure I don't look a day over 49, (but I often FEEL about 70) but I sure did enjoy my day!!!

 The 7 candles across the top are for our 7 treasures
Nick lit the candles, and he said, it GOT HOT-
I was sure glad to see them blown out-talk about wax running:)

Here's to another 50 years, OK???
Chris, for all 9 of us


K said...

Happy Birthday to both of you!

Vicky said...

Happy Birthday! What a very special wonderful celebration!

kimjax said...

Happy Birthday, friend!

Joe and Jane said...

Happy birthday to both of you, and I wish you a wonderful, better, new year!