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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Walk Down Memory Lane

I can't believe it has been 2 years since Tyler bounced into our arms at the TWCA building in Taichung.
We spent a little time with him tonight looking at some of his videos-it was SOOOO nice to get those monthly reports of how he was doing, and see his smiling face. He is still the smilingest boy, so full of energy, bounce, and nerve!! He is just a bundle of love and life, and we LOVE him to pieces.
I thought I would commemorate our 2 year family anniversary by sharing a referral video, from July, 2007-just before he turned 3, and then the March 2008 video we received just days before we traveled.
Some day, I may actually get new pictures uploaded to the computer, and you can see how our little man has grown and changed in 2 years, but for now, walk with me back down memory lane-July, 2007, when God clearly made a way-we were very close to switching to a different program, and we specifically asked Him if we should stay with TWCA, or move to Russia and a waiting sibling group we had already seen-the VERY NEXT DAY, we got the call about our little man-we were about 30th on the list waiting for a baby, (hence the thoughts about jumping ship to a quicker program) but, were open to an older child, and we KNEW in our hearts, this was the way we were to walk!
It brings tears to my eyes when I consider the ways that God has clearly led us throughout each of our adoptions. We have no doubt that Tyler was meant to be a part of our family, and we truly can not imagine life without him!

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laura said...

Hard to believe it has been that long. Where did the time go.