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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Update and court date!!!

We were delighted to open up our email yesterday and see new pictures of our littlest!!
Isaac has just turned 1 on Feb 9, and it grieves my heart that he is not home yet, but,
what can we do? This process has taken quite a while, starting in April of last year, and not even seeing his sweet face until late November.
Now, we also have news today that our court case is scheduled for March 25-HOORRAY!!
Travel can be anytime from 6 weeks to 3 months after that, so, again, quite a long range of possiblilties, but, at least we know it is still moving forward.

Our little peanut-only 13 pounds-OH MY!!

We just want to get him home and LOVE him to pieces!!

We are awaiting updates pics of Isaiah-we will be getting a dvd soon-I may try posting the video here, if time allows, but at least, a picture for sure.
I think the clothes I sent for Isaac will never fit him before we get over there-6-9 month-
I need to start shopping pretty soon-BABY clothes!! I know they are taking good care of him, but oh, how we need to get hime home soon!!



Debberoo said...

Oh my goodness he is beyond beautiful!! So gorgeous, such torture to see his beautiful face and not be able to pick him up, but soon, soon you have him and his brother home with you all.

Cynthia said...

So excited for you guys! We are hoping for our court date soon!!

Praise God!

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

oh I KNOW how special those updates are when the FINALLY COME! I am aching for one on my Jeremiah now! Congrats on your court date and KNOWING what it is :) What orphanage is he at? Jeremiah is at SLC in Taiwan! :) You peanut weighs what my Celeste did when she was 1 but he looks bigger than I remember her being but pics make them look bigger anyway :)

Praying Jeremiah home Quickly

Amy said...


What a gorgeous little boy! So cute and alert looking! Congratulations!! I can't wait for you to bring him and his brother home! We're praying for a quick travel date.

Take care,

Robin said...

Oh how adorable is that little boy! I am thrilled that you have new updates and wish you a speedy court process!

Krista said...

What a cutie! So glad you have a definate court date. We are still waiting any news of ours. Wishing that the time flies for you.

Lori said...

Oh Chris and Chuck! He is super adorable!!! Praying that you quickly get thru the court process to bring both boys home for tons of lovin'!

Shana said...

He is precious and has found the most wonderful parents to love and nurture him! I can't wait for more updates!